Tips & Advice


Our wall coverings are vinyl cloth backed wall papers. They are used to decorate and add value to your homes without expensive architectural features. We have a wide selection of design to suit your themes. There are no limitations to your imagination. Wall coverings are long-lasting, up from 7 to 10 years. They are easy to maintain, therefore, over the long run, more economical than painting. Wall coverings can also cover up flaws in your wall surface where painting can’t.

Vinyl-coated papers have a paper backing and a paper surface that’s sealed with a liquid vinyl. This seal makes the wallcovering washable, meaning that you can safely sponge it off with soapy water.

Without a doubt, the most important factor in choosing wallpaper is choosing a pattern you like. You also must make sure that the pattern works in the particular room that you plan to paper. Here are some basic aesthetic guidelines:

  • Vertical stripes or patterns make the ceiling appear higher.
  • Horizontal stripes or patterns seem to widen a room and bring ceilings down.
  • Large patterns generally don’t look good in a small room because they tend to overpower the space and make it seem smaller. A large, open pattern looks best in a larger space.
  • A mini-print or a paper with a small pattern or geometric design suits smaller dimensions.
  • Dark colors make a room seem smaller.
  • Wallpaper with a light background makes a room look larger